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empowering renters like you

Esusu is a financial technology platform that leverages data to empower renters like you!
Through our partnership with Esusu, our residents can now gain free access to:

Rent reporting:
On-time rent payments are reported directly to the three major credit bureaus to help residents increase their credit scores without taking on additional loans or debts.

Rent relief:
In times of financial hardship, residents can apply for 0% interest rent relief funds that can make the difference between paying on time and falling behind on rent.

Financial education and resources:
Esusu’s Credit Education hub and Renters Marketplace offer free resources and links to access support for every step of renting. Visit their Marketplace today!

Build Credit

While renting

Rent is one of the most consistent monthly payments that a renter makes. Esusu helps residents report their on-time rent payments directly to the credit bureaus. Reporting your rent can help you establish and grow your credit score through the payments you already make! As an added amenity, our residents are automatically signed up for the program. It is a free-of-charge amenity, and Esusu will only report on-time payments.

Enroll with Esusu

Struggling to make rent

Esusu Can Help

Through your property’s partnership with Esusu, you are eligible to apply for rent relief if you are experiencing financial hardship. The relief fund payments are set up as 0% interest payments with no hidden fees. Selected parties can receive up to 3 months of rent relief!

Interested in applying for rent relief?

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